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Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning Technician Training Program Enrollment is currently closed. Contact us to find out how we can help you take the next step towards our enrollment in the future.

HVAC Career

Arlington Career Institute’s newest program will provide you with extensive hands-on training. Our labs are equipped with training boards and operational heating and air conditioning units from the industry’s top brands.

Check out what the program includes:

  • 7 weeks of hands-on, lab-intensive, and classroom instruction
  • Universal EPA Certifications
  • Job placement assistance
  • HVAC tool set
  • iPad loaded with our HVAC curriculum
  • Additional tutoring, practice and make-up work available on Saturdays

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Click here for the program description and outline of our HVAC Technician Program.


Subject Course Number Theory Contact / Lab Hours Clock Hours
Safety & Introduction to InstallationHVAC 10125 / 2045
Cooling Cycle and Cooling Tune-upsHVAC 11015 / 3045
Heating Operation and Heating Tune-upsHVAC 12015 / 3045
A/C and Heating MaintenanceHVAC 13020 / 2545
Heat Pumps & Gas FurnaceHVAC 14125 / 2045
HVAC DiagnosticsHVAC 15115 / 3045

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