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Become a Court Reporter

Court Reporter Career

Are you ready for a rewarding career as a court reporter? The Court Reporting program at Arlington Career Institute will prepare you for a career as a court reporter, closed captionist, communications access real time translation (CART) reporter, or official judicial reporter.

Arlington Career Institute’s comprehensive program trains you in courtroom and deposition procedures, computer-aided transcription, word processing, closed captioning and real-time reporting. The program also offers specific training in English language skills and legal and medical terminology.

  • Career-focused classes
  • Experienced and knowledgeable staff
  • Online classes available

The Court Reporting Program – Stenomask Reporter

A stenomask reporter speaks directly into a hand-held recording device. The reporter speaks very quickly, repeats everything that is said and can identify speakers, insert punctuation and provide readback.

Click here for the program description and outline of our Court Reporting- Stenomask Reporter program.

For more information about our graduation rates, the median debt of students who completed the program and other important information, please click here.

To learn more about the occupational outlook for Court Reporting from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, click here.


Students may enroll in the online program. Completion time expectations are the same whatever delivery method is chosen.

Subject Course Number Theory Contact / Lab Hours Quarter Credit Hours
Introduction to Computers and Word Processing ICR10630 / 304.5
EnglishCR11060 / 06
Court Reporting EnglishCR12090 / 09
Legal TerminologyCR13060 / 06
Medical TerminologyMA14060 / 06
Court Reporting ExternshipCR1420 / 501.5
ProofreadingCR14455 / 05.5
Anatomy / PhysiologyCR15060 / 06
Court Reporting Procedures ICR16060 / 0 6
Court Reporting Procedures IICR1615 / 553
Computer-Aided TranscriptionCR14320 / 303.5
CSR Written Exam PreparationCR16560 / 0 6
Criminal LawCR20855 / 05.5
Business LawCR300B55 / 05.5
Beginning Stenomask OperationCR402S105 / 2011.5
Intermediate Stenomask TranscriptionCR40375 / 309
Advanced Stenomask TranscriptionCR404115 / 3013

Maggie Estes

“I could not have better things to say about this school. This is my third court reporting school, and I absolutely LOVE it! It has a much more personal and family feel to it. It's a smaller school, so everyone actually knows everyone, and the staff and the teachers really care about the students and making sure the students succeed. I am almost done with my studies here, and I will miss this place so much! I know I have succeeded because of this school, and if you are thinking about getting back into school, or into school for the first time, I highly recommend giving Arlington Career Institute a call.”

Amanda Sailsbury

“I absolutely love my school. I feel like the instructors truly care and want to see us succeed when we leave. I am in the court reporting program and have a long ways to go but I have had to take academics with teachers from other programs, medical and paralegal. I have made many friendships that I know will last forever! If you want to go to school in a specific field and do not want to have to take a bunch of prerequisites I HIGHLY recommend giving ACI a shot!”

Shania Parker

“Coming to Arlington Careers was the best decision I’ve ever made. I’ve learned so much and did something I thought would be impossible. The teachers (Mrs.Sandra and Ms.Martinez) are such amazing teachers if you are struggling they won’t leave you hanging. They’ll continue to help you until you finally get it. Also Ms.Candice and Ms.Sharp are always there when you need someone to talk to, they genuinely care about each and every student that walks through their office. This school is worth going to.”

Jeffrey Payne

"I have had nothing but the utmost professional experience with ACI. From the front office to the back office; instructors to support staff; ALL of them have been top notch, courteous, professional, accessible, and friendly! Enrolling in the Court Reporting Program and deciding to attend ACI was the best decision I’ve ever made!"

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