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Paralegal / Legal Assistant

Paralegal / Legal Assistant

The Paralegal / Legal Assistant program at Arlington Career Institute provides you with the skills and real-world training you need to begin your career as a paralegal or legal assistant.

We understand your time is valuable, which is why this program may be completed in as few as 10 months!

Click here for a detailed program description and outline of our Paralegal/Legal Assistant program.

For more information about our graduation rates, the median debt of students who completed the program, and other important information, please click here.

  • Career-focused classes
  • Experienced and knowledgeable staff
  • Online classes available


Students may choose to enroll in either the resident (on-ground) program or in the online program. Completion time expectations are the same whatever delivery method is chosen.

Subject Course Number Theory Contact / Lab Hours Quarter Credit Hours
Proofreading for ProfessionalsPL10060 / 06
Computer SpreadsheetPL10260 / 06
Introduction to Computers and Word Processing IPL10412 / 483
Medical Terminology orMA140
Family LawPL10760 / 06
Introduction to Law and Legal TerminologyCR13060 / 06
Legal Document PreparationPL20020 / 404
Basic KeyboardingPL2035 / 553
Legal ResearchPL204A30 / 304.5
Rules of Court and ProceduresPL20655 / 05.5
Criminal Law PL20855 / 55.5
Career DevelopmentPL30018 / 21.5
LitigationPL300A1100 / 2011
Business LawPL300B55 / 55.5
Externship (must be completed to graduate) PL400A1053.5

Jessica Williams

"I graduated from the Paralegal program last May! I am currently employed as a Court Clerk in the Civil Records Department for the Jackson County 16th Circuit Court in Kansas City, MO. All of my training at ACI definitely prepared me for the workforce. I have been able to utilize all of my skills that I learned and then some."

Marisa Santoyo

“I was in [ACI’s] Paralegal Program, and graduated April 2011. I want to thank [ACI] for teaching us things outside of the law: what an attorney wants from his/her paralegal … I started out very unsure of myself until the end of [ACI’s] program. [ACI] gave me the skills and confidence to excel, and I want to thank [ACI].”

Diane Phon

“I got an offer for [an] Accounting Clerk at Feizy Import and Export in Dallas. I start January 11, 2016 … I have enrolled for school for Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting. [ACI] gave me an opportunity to find myself and have confidence knowing I am able to do more in life.”

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