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Nurse Aid students have a one-day workshop.

Prerequisite:  None

Maximum Student/Teacher Lecture Ratio: 50 to 1

COURSE DESCRIPTION: This subject is designed to assist the student in obtaining entry-level employment after graduation. This course is presented in segments and most segments require some form of homework assignment.


  • Apply knowledge and skills to develop a unique and practical plan to become a highly marketable professional.
  • Compose a cover letter and résumé/biography or infomercial with a uniquely customized approach in order to standout as a candidate for a job interview.
  • Execute a job search that utilizes organizational and job seeking skills to be successful in career management.
  • Identify job opportunities and how to effectively turn them into interviews and job offers.
  • Interview confidently and successfully to get the job by knowing how to successfully answer standard and behavioral interview questions.

Your attendance is mandatory. Being in class is important!  No exceptions, no excuses.  We are going to cover a lot of valuable information – do not miss it!  Be here and one time every day the training in scheduled.


  • Notebook and a pen: be prepared to take organized lecture notes.
  • Blue or black pen only.