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Success Stories

ACI Graduate Jennifer Murphy on Texas courts facing shortage of court reporters

"IF YOU TRULY DESIRE A SCHOOL THAT WILL CATAPULT YOUR LIFE AND CAREER, GO TO THIS SCHOOL!! If could give them more stars I would. This school will do whatever they can to see their students succeed. I took the CNA class. Because of the services that they offer, I am now a Travel CNA; I live in New York! I brought what I learned at ACI to New York----they actually think I "go the extra mile"! The truth is that I received an all-around skill set a ACI that taught me how to serve and treat the patients that I am responsible for. Mrs. Ingram is by far the absolute BEST instructor I have ever had the pleasure of gleaning from. She gives complete book instructions, as well as skill training; BUT she also taught me what boundaries for a CNA truly are--and are not. I learned to be "patient centered"; to understand the abuse of "cutting corners", how to perform professionally as well as expeditiously, always with excellence.....I could go on and on...... I must say that the one-on-one with the career counselor has by far been the greatest asset to my career path---BY FAR! Because of the resume they helped me to build, I already had 3 job offers before completion of the class!! I was hired by a Travel Agency on my last day of class, the next week or so, I was in New York-----and I am STILL getting offers to date. There's no need to keep searching.....YOU FOUND YOUR SCHOOL RIGHT HERE!!!"

Luv Leigh

"I have been in the court reporting (steno mask) program since January 2021, and am truly so very glad that I listened to my dear friend, Terri, and enrolled. She works at ACI and just knew the program would be a great fit for me! Start to finish, application and enrollment was efficient and so very well-guided by Terri and the rest of the staff. My questions and concerns were answered and explained in a timely manner, and everyone at ACI made sure I had exactly what I needed to begin my classes. I am excited and proud to be a part of the ACI family, and cannot wait to see what else is in store for me. Thank you, ACI!!"

Jada Lulu

"When I first started the semester couple weeks ago I thought I was not going to keep going with this class. However Mrs Sandra have the power and magic to explain this class so it will be easier instead of going crazy with the books. She is the best teacher for every class specially coding. It’s better to take this class on person and Mrs. Sandra is helping us with our schedule. Great teacher, going good so far."

Daniela Beatriz Boscan Vera

"I have taken several courses with Mrs. Judy. Brown low and she is by far the most engaging and not to mention, very helpful instructor. I always walk away from her courses feeling a little more knowledgeable. I simply enjoy her class and I respect her kindness and great professionalism. She is simply the BEST!!!"

Pauline Brown

"This school has honestly been the best decision I’ve made when choosing to come back to school and to get into the medical field, everyone from the administration has been super helpful and understanding!"

Eccence Vance