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Becoming a Court Reporter

Necessary Traits

While court reporters tend to communicate high levels of job satisfaction, the field isn’t necessarily for everyone. The program requirements and certification can be challenging, and there are certain traits that make some a better fit for the industry than others. They include:

  • Dexterous hands and fingers
  • The ability to stay calm under pressure
  • A good grasp of grammar
  • An ear for detail


Court Reporters Daily Tasks

  • Attending depositions, hearings, proceedings, classroom lectures, political speeches, and other events that require written transcription
  • Watching television broadcasts, movies or sporting events and transcribing the happenings into the written word
  • Capturing spoken dialogue with stenography machines
  • Reporting speakers’ identities, gestures and actions
  • Asking speakers to repeat or clarify inaudible or unclear statements
  • Reviewing their notes and researching technical terminology as needed for clarity
  • Editing transcripts for typographical and grammatical errors
  • Providing copies of transcripts and recordings to courts, counsels, media corporations or individuals


Arlington Career Institute Court Reporting Program

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